investment process

Screening among 150-200 companies in the global market.

Investment philosophy

Based on analysis and affiliation within the theme.

Portfolio construction

Conviction about the companies' growth opportunities.

Stefan Westin förvaltare on eSports finds

"The eSports market has grown steadily over the last ten years and we expect this trend to continue for many years to come."

Stefan Westin has managed eSport since February 2019 with a 1-year return of over 50% until the last September 2020. Fonden which Stefan managed - Plain Capital ArdenX - was a global mixfond with main focus on eSports. The new fonden - eSports Fund - has an investment focus that is a continuation of what Stefan managed in ArdenX. eSports Fund is a thematic and global sharefond. Stefan will exclusively invest in companies that benefit from the strong trend in the eSports industry, such as eSports organizers, game developers and subcontractors in the above-mentioned sectors. Stefan Westin is responsible förvaltare and Magnus Nicklasson is deputy. Responsible fondcompanies are aifm-capital.


Soon bigger than the Super-Bowl!

The Fortnite World Cup attracts over 40 million players to qualify for the prestigious final in New York.

It is probably only the World Cup final in football and the American Super Bowl that attracts more spectators than, for example, the final in the League of Legends.